Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Our Evaluation of the Theory

All in all, we think that the Semiotic Theory is extremely important, especially to us Ateneo college students, because it is greatly in touch with the media, something that is very influential to us. It is our responsibility, therefore, to learn as much as we can about this theory and not be sucked in ignorantly. The theory gives so much power to the audience as interpreters and as responsible interpreters it is our duty to know the messages that we are receiving. We must not be like pigs led to slaughter without a say in what our destinies or fates will be. We must be critical yet practical and logical. The theory carefully explains the different ways we are able to perceive signs as well as the different levels of meaning. It also shows us how signs are really present everywhere and in every aspect of our lives. It is also important to note how much power the Semiotic Theory gives us in the interpretation of these signs and to the meaning that we give them. It is interesting how the meaning of a certain sign now was so different from its meaning a hundred years ago, and it is amazing to imagine what its meaning may be centuries from now. Though we think that overanalyzing and the variety of interpretations brought about by this theory can cause misunderstandings, ultimately we believe that it is a very important theory to learn about and it is as interesting as it is relatable. 

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This is a really great site! So much information and I like the examples you gave- very appropriate to Philippine society. Excellent job =)