Tuesday, September 30, 2008



            Roland Barthes defines myths as the dominant ideologies of our time. They are naturalized as common and shared among all of the members of the society, making them accepted as normal.

 The practice of emphasizing on myths in the Philippine advertising industry is now known to be widespread.

An Atenean, or anyone in our society for that matter, would often encounter the myth: “If you have fair skin, you are beautiful.” That is an underlying myth in one of our country’s best-selling products.


The (print and tv) ad for Silka Papaya whitening lotion, as endorsed by Iya Villania, is a clear exemplification of this particular myth.


Whether or not buyers of this product consider weighing out the information to see if the papaya extracts this product seems to be boasting is effective, it boils down to one thing: It gets people to buy them because they continually suggest and emphasize on the myth that: to be beautiful is to desire whiter skin. And this is accepted to be a normal and natural phenomenon among a lot of people.




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