Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why the Semiotic Theory?

We chose to focus on the Semiotic Theory because we thought that it was the best theory that we could relate to.  As college students and Communications majors, we know the value of signs and we understand how verbal and non-verbal signaling can influence one’s audience. We see signs everyday on our way to school and in the campus itself. We sometimes do not realize that impact that these signs have on us or on the way we see things. We realize that the media greatly influences the youth, especially that of our generation, and we wanted to go deeper into that and to see what kind of images and ideas are already pre-programmed into the minds of the youth. We chose to make an educational film targeted at the Ateneo college community so that we could show them just how much signs have influenced their way of thinking and perception without them knowing. Our group wanted Ateneo students to realize that though they are already affected by the Semiotic Theory, it is an ever-changing theory in the sense that we play a big role in its evolution. “Meaning is not 'transmitted' to us - we actively create it according to a complex interplay of codes or conventions of which we are normally unaware.” (“Semiotics for Beginners”) Thus, our interpretations of these signs are critical to the Semiotic Theory and the meaning that these signs will have for the future. We are responsible for building, constructing, and molding the meanings that will be associated with them. So jump on board, Ateneans and learn more about the Semiotic Theory, because you are responsible for it. 

Semiotics for Beginners. Daniel Chandler. Semiotics for Beginners: Introduction. 28 September 2008.



Anonymous said...

Hey! This is a great idea guys! the approach is original and breaks the barrier of it being just a project that you pass and get graded on... Hopefully you can add more.

Carissa said...

Interesting topic to tackle. Skimmed through some of your entries they seem interesting.

Najee said...

Good job in explaining the Semiotic Theory, and also what the purpose of this blog is.

Perhaps you could also play around with the layout of this blog? For example, once every month, you'll be featuring a sign or an image that will be oriented into a specific theme? =D

Like if it's love, the layout of your blog can be hearts, or a picture of the latest Hollywood or local couple, etc. =) More power. =)